About SwimFun:

Swimfun is a Sydney based online store focusing on prescription diving masks and prescription swimming goggles. Our objective is to provide an economic and a quick way for people who are nearsighted to see clearly in the water so that they can maximally enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

Swimfun is a part of Economic Solution Australia (www.economicsolution.com.au). We bring quality products in competitive prices by utilizing our experiences in procurement and supply chain. Our goal is to ensure our services and products can add solid values to your life and bring goods you like and can afford. Therefore, making profit is not our sole goal, but through this platform to connect more to the society and contribute more to the society.

SSL Certificate has been installed into our website. The payment is through Stripe or PayPal and your account or credit card information will be protected. A distant journey tests the strength of a horse and a long task proves the character of a man. Time will tell our services. Your initial trust will in return to encourage our services to be better provided to you

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