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About us

Your Online Swim Store

Swimfun Australia comes from Swim Fun. The initiative was to help adults, teenagers and kids to have fun in water activities. It is an Australia based online business focusing on prescription diving masks and prescription swimming goggles; In addition, in order to have one stop service, we provide non-prescription swimming goggles. Because the other family members or friends may not require prescription goggles and masks. We have various features of goggles and masks. It aims to meet the needs for indoor swimming, outdoor swimming and diving; Moreover, we have other items related to water activities such as swimming caps, snorkel tube, dry wet separation bags and other swimming related accessories.

Our objective is to provide an economic and a fast way for people to see clearly in the water so that they can maximally enjoy swimming, snorkeling and having fun in water.

Swimfun aims to provide services for any company who seek to improve its supply chain and procurement. We aim to bring quality products in competitive prices by utilizing our experiences in procurement and supply chain. Our goal is to ensure our services and products can add solid values to your life and bring goods you like and can afford. Therefore, making profit is not our sole goal, but through this platform to connect more to the society and contribute more to the society.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

SSL Certificate has been installed into our website. The payment is through Stripe or PayPal. They are all well-known payment gateways. Your account and credit card information will be well protected. We provide easy return policy so that you have no risks in buying our products. A distant journey tests the strength of a horse and a long task proves the character of a man. Time will tell our services. Your initial trust will in return to encourage our services to be better provided to you. Swim fun and snorkel fun!

If you have any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach to Swimfun Contact

Prescription Swimming Goggles

About the founder

As a migrant who came to Australia in 1992, Bob has been working at supply chain and procurement in both Australia and China for over 30 years. Through obtaining two master degrees in Sydney, and worked in several well-known companies, he has accumulated certain experiences in various aspects of procurement and supply chain. He has great passion to utilize the skills to bring quality products to Australian market at reasonable prices. Swimfun Australia’s vision is to assist people to see clearly in water.

Our Value: Trusted Prescription Swimming Goggles in Australia

We are determined to build up a correct business culture. We use our values to drive our businesses and operations. We believe that the right culture needs to be established up from the very beginning and needs to be continuously monitored and improved.

  • Trust and honest. Purchasing is a trust. We value and appreciate each customer order. The honesty is our attitude in communication with our customers.
  • Quality. We work with our suppliers to continuously improve the quality of our products. Therefore we value customer feedback about the quality of products and as well as the quality of our service.
  • Continuous improvement and innovations. Our services may not satisfy each need and requirement. Our product range will not cover all the demands. There will be always rooms for us to improve our services. We seek continuous improvement and innovations in products, service and operations.
Prescription Swimming Goggles

Wholesale, corporate buying and sourcing opportunities

For those who has regular demands on goggles and masks and wish to obtain wholesale prices, or any company who is interested in sourcing opportunities which could reduce your current purchasing costs while increasing the product quality, you are most welcome to contact Bob at
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