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Swimming in Australia. According to Australian Government Geoscience website, Australia has about 34,000 km coastal line. There are about 50 percent of the Australian populations resides within seven km of the coast. In addition, there are about 11400 lakes in Australia. Moreover, though there are no accurate numbers about how many swimming pools in Australia, it is estimated about 1.5 millions swimming pools or more. It provides great places for people to swim, dive and have various activities in the water and having fun.

Swimming is now one of central Australian national identity. It has become the most popular sport for girls and boys aged 0-14. Swimming also remains a sport of choice beyond children, ranking in the top 5 most popular sport related activities for males and females across every other age groups.
Beside swimming, there are other water related activities have attracted many people. More water fun parks have been built up, aquatic centres have been extended with more facilities including water slides, kids fun areas etc. Australians are blessed to have so many water resources both natural and men-made facilities.
Therefore, why not taking the advantage to swim more and have more fun in water.
Is it important to wear swim goggles? Yes, the number one feature of goggles is to protect your eyes. The water in swimming pools is filled with chemicals that keep it clean and sanitary. Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical that can often irritate the eyes. A common reaction to chlorine is to have red and itchy eyes.
Seawater not only causes pain on your eyes, but also it can lead to swollen corneas or bacterial and viral infections.
For contact lenses, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses in the water.
Wearing contact lenses could run risk of getting bacteria in your eyes, which can lead to an infection.
Chlorine and salt water can dry out your contacts, making them extremely difficult to remove. If you do decide to wear contacts, please consider wearing goggles to help protect your eyes.
Using swim goggles is the best way to protect your eyes from all the chemicals in the swimming pool. It will enhance visibility and makes it comfortable and much easier to move your body underwater. Whether it is outdoor or indoor, the clear vision under the water gives the confidence for swimming and diving.

The number one objective of Swimfun Australia is to make you see clearly in the water by providing prescription swimming goggles and prescription diving masks. In addition, our most goggles and all masks can support different lens power for your right and left eyes and can be customized to fit your prescription needs. If you have difficult to choose right lens diopter, please refer to our page below or contact

We also provide non-prescription swimming goggles and masks to meet different demand on goggles. We provide different types of goggles to meet your various purposes. Such as:
• Small frame and low-profile goggles mainly for racing and training purpose.
• Colour tinted lenses can keep certain glares away and it is good for both indoor and outdoor environment.
• Mirrored lenses have strong UV protection and are particular good at outdoor or an environment with bright lights.

There are various shapes and sizes of goggles and masks. Each one will need to choose one which suits for his or her face. One type of goggles may well suit one person but would not suit another person.
Swimfun Australia provide easy return policy. This will avoid customers’ buying risks.
Your any kind of feedback or opinions will be appreciated. Let us work together to let you see clearly and have fun in water!