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We focus to provide good quality prescription goggles and prescription masks.  Our products have various features to satisfy your different needs, whether you swim outdoor or indoor, whether it is for training, racing or recreation. Our goal is to let you see clearly in the water.

We provide economic solution for you to see clearly in the water. All our goggles will be less than $40 USD or close. All the masks will be less than $80 USD. They include frame and lenses.

We support different lens power for your right and left.

You will find a wide range of products and accessories in our online shop. Our swimming goggles and masks can be custom-made to different lens power for right and left eyes. Our goal is to enable people who are nearsighted or farsighted to see clearly in the water so they enjoy swimming and snorkeling. We strive to make sure that our products add value to your life. Contact us today!

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Prescription Swimming goggles
lenses for swimming goggles and scuba diving masks

Myopia swim goggles for adults and teenagers

They are for short-sighted or near-sighted in which the sphere value has negative sign on your eye prescription.

Goggles with regular or small frames. It is good for racing and training, like G1, G1B, G1S, SF1, N1C and N1B. Among these goggles, below have light tinted colour lenses, in which it will keep a certain glare away and protect your eyes.

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In these small frame goggles, there are two with clear lenses.

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All above goggles have 3 different size of nosebridges to provide the adjustment for different faces.

We have goggles with medium size frame. They have mirrored lenses. They are good for swimming outdoor or indoor with bright lights. They are:

We also provide large frame They are particularly good for you to swim outdoor. They are either have tinted colour on the lenses or have mirrored lenses. They are:

However, please note, these large frame goggles may not fit a few people’s faces. In order to reduce the risk of purchase for customers, we provide easy return policy.

Myopia swim goggles for juniors

We have two goggles for juniors. They are:

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Hyperopia swim goggles and snorkel mask

Apart from myopia, we have one goggle and one mask for people with hyperopia, in which the sphere value has positive sign on your eye prescription.


Prescription snorkel mask

Our D2 is popular one. It has 3 colours. It suits for medium to small faces. They can be for teenagers as well.

D1 and D4 have the same size and shape. D4 has the camera supporter. Compared to D2, D1 and D4 have large frame. Two colours are available, red and blue.

Deliveries to USA

We will process customer orders within 24 hours to 48 hours. Though our stocks are located in Australia. We ship goods to USA with air freight. It normally takes about one week to two weeks depending on where you live.

Free shipping will be provided to all USA customers if the total purchase is over $150 AUD which is about $100 USD. Flat shipping rate is about $20 AUD (about $14 USD) if the purchasing value is lower than $100 USD. Shipping lead time is about 2 to 3 weeks.

We provide Express shipping with additional $20 USD.