What are prescription swimming goggles?

The prescription swimming goggles in markets are referred to as corrective lens goggles. Same as our Swimfun goggles and masks. These goggles are specifically designed for swimmers who require vision correction and also provide a fast and economic solution for you to see clearly in water. The goggles will be useful for the most swimmers. However, for those who have high astigmatism, the corrective vision would be still useful, but may not be as good as your glasses.
You will need to know which diopter or lens power to choose before you place an order. It’s recommended to consult with an optometrist or optician to determine the best prescription swimming goggles for your vision requirements. You may also contact admin@swimfun.com.au for your inquiries.

wath is the main contact method?

Our primary contact method is email. It will avoid misunderstandings. We will ensure prompt response to your enquiries, orders and deliveries. We provide easy return policy so that you don’t have a risk in selecting our products. However, if the issue cannot be resolved or clarified through emails, we will call to discuss. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. 

Why corrective lenses for prescription swimming goggles and prescription diving masks?

All our prescription goggles or masks are the same as majority products in the markets and they are premanufactured. Their lenses are corrective lenses and focus on major factors in prescription. They are not exact the same as prescription glasses. To cut short, the key points from customers’ perspective are:

  1. They still provide clear vision for most people to see clearly in the water environment.
  2. The ranges of diopters or lens power are limited. Often they are -1.0, -1.5 , -2.0 … up to -9.0 and -10.0, or +1.0, +2.0… There are no -1.25, -1.75…Because in water environment, 0.25 may not make a big difference. Therefore, please kindly check the diopter range before you place your order.

Then why corrective lenses for swimming goggles and diving masks?

Like prescription glasses, it is possible to obtain exact prescription lens for swimming goggles and diving masks. But it will be very expensive and time consuming. It often requires face to face checking as well. In addition, the flexibility of goggles makes hard to produce the exact same lenses as glasses. Moreover, water has reflections. In the water, (an already-blurry environment), it is the most popular way for using corrective lenses on swimming goggles and diving masks. It provides a fast and economic way for you to see clearly in water.

What if I have a difficulty to select diopter or lens power? 

If your diopters or lens power are in our product range, but you are not sure which one to select, you can choose option “Prescription” Or “Different” in the product section, and checkout. Then leave your Sphere and Cylinder values (please include negative or positive signs) on the Customer Note section when you checkout.

Alternative, you can seek your optometrist’ advice about what diopter to choose. Or send the prescription details to admin@swimfun.com.au.

Is it easy to place an order?

It is very easy. First, choose a product you like, then choose the lens power or diopter per your Prescription or the recommendation from your Optometrist and checkout. You would also select “Different or Prescription”, then leave your prescription details at Customer Note section. We will look after your order from then. 


Where is Swimfun Australia located? 

Swimfun Australia is a Sydney based online business. All the orders will be shipped out from Sydney. Though we prefer the primary communication is through emails, some customers popped in our Hurstville (South of Sydney) location. We still give our best support as we can.
Please kindly note that our Hurstville location is not a physical business store. But if you wish to come to pick up your order due to urgency, that is no problem. It is appreciated if you can contact us through admin@swimfun.com.au first.
We do understand the customers concern about online purchasing. In order to eliminate customers’ concern, we provide an easy return policy to reduce customers’ online shopping risk.

We will continuously improve our services and products in various perspectives. Please welcome to contact us at admin@swimfun.com.au for any queries.



If your astigmatism is not high, say less than 2.00, then our products with corrective lenses will be a good solution. If you have high astigmatism, our product may still be a solution for you to see clear enough in water. However, you may not get the same result as when you wear prescription glasses. There are a few factors to be considered when determining what right swimming goggles or diving mask will be suitable to you. More details can be referred to page “Choose Corrective Lens“. If you have a query on our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us at admin@swimfun.com.au.


Our website is developed in a secure way. All private information will be kept without any disclosing to third parties. We also provide secure and multiple payment.


Yes, you can. However, the default swimming goggles and diving mask from manufacturing have the same lens power. If you need to have different lens power, please contact at admin@swimfun.com.au.


We only deliver products within Australia and New Zealand. For Australia, we deliver products with free delivery for purchase over $20. 


We provide high quality prescription swimming goggles and prescription diving masks. We support different lens power for left and right eyes. All our products will be shipped from Sydney Australia. The prices for all our prescription products are less than $100, ranged from $22.8 to $96 including a prescription diving mask snorkeling set. In addition, we provide 30-day easy return policy.


Our mission is to assist Australian families having fun in water. Making profit is not our sole goal, but through this platform to connect more to the society and contribute more to the society.


We provide 30-day easy return policy. Once a return is received, we will refund your full payment if the product is defective. Otherwise, you will receive your payment less any shipping charges. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Please feel free to contact us admin@swimfun.com.auif any issues or queries.