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One-Stop Solution for Diving

GoPro Snorkeling Diving Mask:

This product is also for people with myopia and short sight. We include a snorkel set in order to save your time to shop around. In addition, this dive mask includes a camera supporter. It is to fix your Gopro camera if you want to take a video in the water.

We are not an expert on cameras; therefore, cameras are not been included. However, if you are interested in buying Gogro cameras, please drop us an email at, we will provide a free quote.

The frame, silicone gasket, and strap are all designed to make it comfortable to wear. This has a large frame. If you have difficulty choosing the right diopter, or you would like to choose a different diopter for your right and left eyes, please choose the first option “Prescription” and then send us your prescription via email or leave it in the “Comment” area. You are also welcome to send us your prescription before you place your order. The lens needs to be in the range between -1.5 to -9.0.

2021 Sales are Continued. We Offer:

-50% discount for each diving mask.

Delivery notice:

- On top of the free shipping provided, we would like to continue to offerfree express shipping for those who really need it.The Express Shipping is through the Australian Post Office. Stay safe and stay strong!

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GoPro Snorkeling Diving Mask


Description for GoPro Snorkeling Diving Mask:

  • A diving mask with anti-fog tempered glasses and not easy to be scratched.
  • GoPro supporter for GoPro camera for you to take video underwater.
  • Full Dry Single Valve Easy Breathing Snorkeling set to be included.
  • The silicone gasket and easy-to-adjust strap provide an enhanced fit and comfortable to wear.
  • Comfortable silicone mouthpiece, soft and easy to fit.
  • Ideal mask for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and underwater activities.
  • It has the same lens power for left and right eyes after manufacturing. If you want different lens power, please contact us at
  • The camera is not included in this set. If you need the camera, please feel free to contact us.

Mask Care:

  • After use wash the mask with clean water (do not touch the surface of the lenses)
  • Do not use an organic solvent such as alcohol and thinners because these solutions may deform or discolor your mask.