NN1G Polarized Swimming Goggles with Golden Mirrored Coating Plain Lenses

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Polarized Swimming Goggles with Golden Mirrored Coating Plain Lenses

Ideal for outdoor swimming and triathlon swimming

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Same as NN1R, this is non-prescription polarized goggles. We carry this in stocks. Because someone who visits this website may have a need to have a pair of non-prescription goggles. Due to this is not our core product, we have further discount on this goggles. It has now 33% discount.  > The lenses for this goggle are specifically designed to filter intense glare caused by light reflecting off flat surfaces such as lakes and seas. > Ideal for outdoor swimming and triathlon swimming. > Non prescription. > Lens: PC + Anti-fog. > Gasket: Silicone > Strap: Silicone. Dual-layer strap with sexy shape. > Lens colour: red mirrored. For the needs of prescription goggles, please check out our collections of quality prescription goggles.  

Why polarized swimming goggles?

Because in Australia, we are exposed to some harshest UV radiation in the world. We have longer summer time and sunshine are bright in the most of time. It is important to have strong UV protection when you conduct outdoor activities. Polarized lenses only allow vertical lights, while glare is typically horizontal light. Therefore, polarized lenses can well block the lights. It is good if you wear polarized goggles when facing strong glares.

Caution about wearing polarized or mirrored lens goggles outside.

It is not always to wear polarized goggles outside. At night, wearing them can be dangerous. Because the lens makes it harder to see in the water. If you are not sure about whether you should try polarized lenses, try talking to an eye doctor or optometrist about which type should suit you better.

Goggle Care:

After use wash the goggles with clean water (do not touch the surface of the lenses) Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol and thinners because these solutions may deform or discolour your goggles.  


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