Swimfun online store is a part of Economic Solution Australia Pty Ltd (refer to Its prescription swimming goggles & diving masks offers high quality optical short sighted prescription goggles, both racing and recreational styles at affordable rates & FREE shipping in Australia. In addition, we provide different lens power for right and left eyes to maximumly fit your eyes.

We introduced new goggles recently. They include NS1C, NS1B, NS2G and NS2B. The four prescription new goggles have different styles and lenses. They include clear lenses, colour coated lenses and mirrored lenses. The aim is to provide goggles for swimmers who swim either indoor or outdoor. The clear lenses and light blue colour coated lenses provide a much better vision indoor or an environment that doesn’t have bright lights.

The mirrored lenses provide strong UV protection. In addition, these mirrored lens goggles all have large frames. They provide better coverage for your eyes.

Our Existing goggles G1-S (or G1) and G2 goggles, while they have similar features as above, their prices are cheap. We bring slighted cheap goggles to satisfy different customers’ financial consideration.  

For those who come to this website, considering to buy non-prescription goggles as well. We have new goggles with polarized mirrored lenses. The purpose is to have a one-stop service. Because some customers may want both prescription and non-prescription goggles. You can all obtain your goggles from one place. The details can be referred to:

To choose the best lens power for your swimming goggles, please refer to our page:

Enjoy underwater swimming with our high-quality prescription goggles and see clearly inside water.

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