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Our new website has been well redesigned to categorize products into groups, making navigation easier for our customers. Understanding these groups can help you find the right product more efficiently. Here’s how our products are categorized:

Main CategorySub-categoryNote
Swimming GogglesPrescription Swimming GogglesThe category is detailed below highlighting features specific to prescription goggles.
Non-Prescription Swimming Goggles
Diving masksPrescription Diving MaskThis group is outlined with features that cater to prescription needs.
Non-Prescription Diving Mask
AccessoriesSwim RobeA swim robe designed to keep you warm and facilitate easy changing of clothing.
Other AccessoriesSnorkel, Fin, swim caps, etc.

By understanding these categories you can navigate through our product offerings with ease and find the perfect gear for your swimming and diving needs. If you have any questions or need assistance feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

To shop for prescription goggles or masks accurately it’s crucial to check whether your sphere value is negative or positive. A negative sign indicates nearsightedness while a positive sign indicates farsightedness. To prevent errors each group is clearly labelled with plus (+) and minus (-) signs at the end.

Below are the different groups for Prescription Swimming Goggles categorized by unique features:

Prescription Swimming GogglesNote
Junior Swim Goggles Myopia (-)Nearsighted goggles designed for juniors or swimmers with small faces
Big Prescription Swimming Goggles (-)Nearsighted goggles with big frames
Prescription Goggles For Racing And Training (-)Nearsighted goggles suitable for racing and training – a popular choice
Clear Lens Prescription Swimming Goggles (-)Nearsighted goggles with clear lenses
Tinted Lens Prescription Swimming Goggles (-)Nearsighted goggles with tinted lenses
Mirrored Lens Prescription Swimming Goggles (-)Nearsighted goggles with mirrored lenses
High Diopter Goggles (Up To -10.00)Nearsighted goggles with high lens power
Hyperopia Swimming Goggles (+)Farsighted goggles with magnification lenses

If you find it challenging to navigate through these options feel free to contact us at for further clarification and assistance.

Prescription Diving Masks

At Swimfun we offer a range of Prescription Diving Masks tailored to specific vision needs. Below are the groups available along with a brief description of each:

Prescription Diving MasksNote
Hyperopia diving or snorkeling masks (+)Farsighted masks equipped with magnification lenses
Myopia diving or snorkeling masks (-)Nearsighted masks designed to improve underwater vision
Regular Size Myopia Diving masks (-)Nearsighted masks with standard-size frames for a comfortable fit
Large Frame Myopia Diving masks (-)Nearsighted masks featuring larger frames for enhanced coverage
Tempered glass Prescription diving masks (-)Nearsighted masks outfitted with durable tempered glass lenses
Tempered glass diving masksNon-prescription masks with tempered glass lenses for clear visibility
Regular size diving masksStandard-size masks with non-prescription lenses
Large Frame Diving MasksLarge-size masks with non-prescription lenses for a wide field of vision

For the masks we offer the following options:

  • D2 (Available in 3 colours) – It is a medium-sized mask suitable for most individuals including some teenagers.
  • D6 (Available in 4 colours) – Slightly larger than D2, D6 comes in two variants – D6S for Nearsightedness and D6F for Farsightedness. It features long-lasting tempered glass lenses.
  • D1, D4, D3 (Available in 2 colours) – These masks boast large frames with D3 and D4 designed to accommodate a GoPro camera for capturing underwater adventures.

If you require further information or assistance in choosing the right Prescription Diving Mask feel free to contact us at

Common Terms

Below are the common terms. It is good to understand them before placing your order:

  • Myopia/Nearsightedness: This refers to difficulty in seeing distant objects clearly.
  • Hyperopia/Farsightedness: This refers to difficulty in seeing close objects clearly.
  • Diopters (D): The unit of measurement used to specify the corrective power of the lens. Positive (+) diopters are used for farsightedness while negative (-) diopters are used for nearsightedness.
  • OD (oculus dexter) and OS (oculus sinister): These terms indicate the right eye (OD) and left eye (OS) respectively when specifying prescription details for each eye.
  • SPH (Sphere): Indicates the amount of lens power needed to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness.
  • CYL (Cylinder): If you have astigmatism, this value indicates the amount of lens power needed to correct it.
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