To shop prescription goggles or masks correctly, you need to check if your sphere value is negative or positive first. Negative sign indicates that you are shortsighted or nearsighted. Positive sign indicates that you are farsighted or longsighted.

Hyperopia swim goggles and snorkel mask

For farsighted (longsighted), we only have one for goggles and one for mask. They are:

Myopia goggles and masks

The rest of products are myopia that are for shortsighted or nearsighted.

A common question or request is “which is the your best product for me?”. Or “I would like to buy the best one”.

Well, all our goggles and masks have high quality. The best is what the most fits you well and satisfies your needs. Therefore, to select which one is the most suitable one, it needs to consider:

  • Size and shape of goggles or masks.
  • Features that meet your need such as if it is for indoor or outdoor, if it is for training, racing or recreation etc.

Below is a generic guide. We use item codes (they are in each product title) to represent each product.


Myopia Goggles selection:

Economic solution:

SF1. Though it has similar quality of other goggles, Swimfun chose this as an economic solution for those who more consider the prices. The goggle has regular size of frame with 3 sizes of nosebridges.  

Goggles with regular size or small frames. They are more for training and racing. Apart from SF1, we have G1, G1B, G1S, N1C and N1B. Among these goggles, G1, G1S, N1B have light tinted colour lenses, in which it will keep a certain glare away and protect your eyes.

G1B and N1C have clear lenses which maximize your vision.

These goggles have similar sizes. However, considering the shape of the goggles, G1/G1B (they have same shape of frames) are slightly bigger than others.

N1C/N1B (they have same shape of frames) are slightly smaller. Since they are small, they may be ok for some juniors. Please contact if you have any queries.

Goggles with medium size frame. They are N2B and N2R. They have mirrored lenses and are good for swimming outdoor or indoor with bright lights.

The above goggles all support different diopter or lens power for your right and left. If you need to select different diopter for your right rand left, you may select them individually or choose “Different or Prescription” then leave the details of Sphere and Cylinder values at Note section when you checkout.  In addition, all the goggles above have 3 size nosebridges. so that you can adjust the length.


Goggles with large frame. They maximumly cover your eyes and are particularly good for you to swim outdoor and are good to protect your eyes. We have both tinted colour on the lenses or mirrored lenses.

However, the large the frames are, the less fitness would be for some faces. In addition, they don’t support different diopter for your right and left.

Considering the risk in online purchasing, we have an easy return policy.


Myopia swim goggles for juniors. We have two goggles for juniors. They are GK1 and GK2. However, as mentioned, N1B or N1C may be suitable for some juniors as well.


Myopia snorkel masks

We currently have 3 size of masks. They are:

D2 (3 available colours) is smaller one.

D1, D4 or D3 all have the same fames. They have large frames. D4 and D3 have camera supporter.

D6S is between D2 and D1. In addition, D6 lenses are tempered glass. They are more for people who often use the masks. The lenses are not easy to be scratched.


Goggles and Masks with plain lenses

Though we focus on prescription goggles and masks, we provide goggles or mask with plain lenses in order to have one-stop solution. Please find links below:


We currently have dry bags, snorkel, snorkel fins. We will continue to develop our products to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Having fun!

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