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Swimming Accessories for Prescription Swimming Goggles

Splash into a full swim experience! Whether it is getting into the pool for the first time or training for competitive swimming, there is a complete range of swimming accessories.

Make your time in the pool more fulfilling and enjoyable. Select from a wide choice of swimming accessories like swimming goggles, diving accessories, snorkel, swimming caps, waterproof phone case, etc.

In addition, we are going to expand our product range from prescription swimming gogglesand diving masks to prescription sunglasses to assist you in seeing clearly not only in water activities but also in outdoor activities.

For any products that are not on our shelf, we provide a free quote and availability and will try to bring them for you per your request.

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Full Dry Snorkel Product Description
Full Dry Snorkeling Tube Easy Breathing and Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece

Description For Snorkeling Mask and Tube:

  • Full dry prevents water from entering the snorkel, even when submerged. Provides quick release from goggles or masks.
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece, using high quality and food-grade material, giving you a comfortable feeling.
  • Built-in silicon purge allows easy clearing.
  • PVC material is durable and not easy to damage.
  • Healthy and environmental protection, gives you the most comfortable bite angle.


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