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Swimming Goggles Wollongong

Discover top-quality Swimming Goggles in Wollongong at Swimfun. Dive into crystal-clear waters with confidence using our range of premium goggles, designed for comfort, durability, and optimal performance. Shop now for the best selection and elevate your swimming experience today!

Why Choose Swimming Goggles Wollongong?

Our goggles are meticulously engineered to offer unparalleled comfort, durability, and performance. Whether you’re swimming laps in the pool or exploring the ocean depths, our goggles provide a snug fit that prevents water from leaking in, allowing you to focus on your strokes without any distractions. With advanced features such as anti-fog lenses and UV protection, you can enjoy crystal-clear vision underwater while safeguarding your eyes from harmful sun rays.

Convenience and Quality

Shopping for Swimming Goggles Wollongong has never been easier with Swimfun. With just a few clicks, you can browse our extensive range, compare features, and make your purchase from the comfort of your own home. Plus, with fast shipping and hassle-free returns, you can dive into clear waters with confidence knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Experience the Difference

Don’t let blurred vision or discomfort hold you back from enjoying your time in the water. Invest in Swimming Goggles Wollongong from Swimfun and experience the difference for yourself. With superior quality, unbeatable performance, and unmatched style, our goggles are the perfect companion for any swimmer looking to make a splash. Dive in today and discover a new level of clarity and confidence in the water.

Gk1N – Kid Swimming Goggles Anti Fog Non Prescription
Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $23.00.
G2N – Big Swimming Goggles Mirrored Plain Lens
from Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $45.00.
Regular Size Swimming Goggles Plain Lenses With Adjustable Nosebridges
from Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $17.00.
G2B Swim Mask With Prescription Grey Tinted One Piece Lens Wide View
Original price was: $85.00.Current price is: $72.00.
G2S Swimming Mask With Prescription Silver Mirrored One Piece Lens Wide View
Original price was: $85.00.Current price is: $72.00.
G1B Prescription Goggles Regular Size  With Clear Lenses And Anti-Fog
Original price was: $64.00.Current price is: $56.00.
Gk2 – Kids Shortsighted (Myopia) Swimming Goggles
from Original price was: $54.00.Current price is: $48.00.
Sf1-Myopia Swimming Goggles For Adults Or Teenagers
Original price was: $52.00.Current price is: $46.00.
Gk1 – Kid Prescription Swimming Goggles Blue
Original price was: $58.00.Current price is: $54.00.

    Prescription Swimming Goggles Wollongong

    Discover unmatched clarity and comfort with SwimFun’s prescription swimming goggles in Wollongong. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a casual swimmer, our goggles are tailored to your precise vision needs, ensuring you never miss a stroke.  Dive in today and experience swimming like never before!

    • Unmatched Underwater Vision: Enjoy razor-sharp focus, whether you’re perfecting your technique, exploring the pool, or simply having fun.
    • Enhanced Confidence: Swim freely without worrying about losing contacts or foggy glasses, boosting your confidence and enjoyment.
    • Improved Safety: Clear vision means you can navigate the pool safely, avoiding obstacles and fellow swimmers.
    • Wide Range of Options: Find goggles that fit your style, budget, and prescription needs, from sleek racing models to comfortable leisure options.

    Non Prescription Swimming Goggles Wollongong

    Elevate your aquatic experience with our non-prescription swimming goggles. Designed for both style and performance, our goggles offer unparalleled clarity and comfort for swimmers of all levels.

    • Sharp Vision, Simplified: Enjoy clear underwater views without the hassle of contacts or bulky glasses. Focus on your technique, explore the pool, and have pure swimming fun.
    • Comfort is Key: Choose from a variety of comfortable, leak-proof designs that fit snugly and won’t distract you from your swim.
    • Unleash Your Inner Competitor: Sleek, hydrodynamic goggles can help streamline your performance and shave seconds off your lap times.
    • Style Meets Function: Find goggles that complement your personality, from vibrant hues to classic designs. There’s a perfect pair for every swimmer.

    What Our Customer Says About Our Products

    Swimfun Australia
    Based on 36 reviews
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    Love the fast delivery! I ordered a prescription mask and a snorkel and both worked great on my snorkelling holiday, it was so good not needing to wear contact lenses!The prescription goggles I ordered (N1B) were way too small in the frame and I think should only be for juniors. When I contacted Swimfun and told them this they very quickly sent me a pair of larger frame prescription goggles at no cost to me. Thank you for the great service!
    Brilliant after purchase care. Support is very professional and quickly responded to. Very happy with the prescription lense swimming goggles.
    The product (prescription goggles) were of great quality, on top I received the best quality service from them, very responsive and supportive. Would highly recommend to use them.
    Great prompt service and delivery for my prescription dive mask in December 2023. I have also purchased prescription swim goggles over the years. Recommended
    Having lost my existing optical googles in the surf (that I had brought from the UK) I was keen for a less expensive and speedy solution. I turned to SwimFun and I have been glad I did! The service has been excellent and Bob has been brilliant. I am looking forward to using my 2 new pairs both here in Oz and in the UK. Highly recommended 😊
    G2 prescription goggle suited my face really well. I dropped the goggle couple of times on the ground and I am honestly surprised how long the goggle has lasted. I am buying another goggle as I have lost side clips. Thank you Team Swimfun Australia.
    A great product and very well priced for prescription goggles.
    Very happy with my order, highly recommend!I ordered a prescription dive mask - the company was quick, responsive and helpful with enquiries and advice. The mask was also shipped quickly.
    The swimfun prescription goggles are excellent! I have always been a bit scared swimming at the beach since I can't see very well - they have completely changed the whole experience. They were very helpful with advising on the lens strength also. Planning to get a snorkelling mask next!
    I bought a prescription snorkeling mask and a snorkel and it is fabulous. It makes such a difference being able to see! I contacted Swimfun for advice and assistance with my order and they couldn't have been more helpful. Order arrived quickly. Great site.
    Brought different dioptre snorkelling mask(large) for hubby. Easy to buy, good communication and delivery fast. Hubby loved these and said they were very comfortable and he saw well out of them. So glad I found this web site.
    Absolutely fantastic customer service and speedy service. I ordered on Monday and picked them up only a couple of days later. I had emailed them prior to ordering and received prompt replies. Thank you!!!I had ordered a pair of G1 Prescription Swimming Goggles for my teenage son and he loves them. They are great quality and come with 2 extra nose pieces in case needed. Highly recommend both the goggles and Swimfun Australia
    Great service, I wasn’t sure about my prescription so swim Tun sent out extra pairs for me to try and I was able to keep the pair that worked the best
    Purchased 2 pairs of goggles so far and they are great. They arrive very fast and they work as expected.
    Recently purchased a prescriptive goggles for my daughter and she couldn’t be happier. Bob was so helpful with giving recommendations and advice on how to choose the prescriptions. Good range of product to choose. The delivery was fast. High product quality. Highly recommended. Will definitely order more for the rest of the family.
    Amazing service, the goggles fit perfectly and the prescription works well. Fast shipping , excellent service, will definitely order from again.
    Prescription swimming goggles - fast despatch and they hit the mark. Bonus - I can wear them while slicing onions to avoid tears!
    Replied promptly to my enquiry. Very impressive delivery and great range of products. Looking forward to snorkeling with my prescription mask. Thank you
    Only Australian supplier I have found which can do high index (-10) prescription goggles. Very good advice from Bob, amazingly quick turnaround, and extremely competitive pricing.
    I've been buying my prescription goggles from SwimFun for four years and it's always been easy & seamless with good customer service. The goggles are great.
    Extremely fast delivery, amazing to see clearly with my goggles on
    Good quality and fast delivery This is my second pair!!
    Knowledgeable and prompt.Great service and product.
    They were very prompt with answering my questions via email, and so friendly. The goggles I purchased were sent out quickly and were great for my daughter ❤️ thank you so much
    Thank you so much for enabling my daughter to enjoy water sports again.. the product is of excellent quality, cost is AMAZING and excellent service. Thank you.. I can not recommend you enough!!
    Love these swim googles. I love the simplicity in being able to order prescription googles that are competitively priced and serve my purpose.They fit really well and I highly recommend to anyone interested.
    Goggles themselves work wonderfully and come in a great Carey case. Fast shipping and wonderful customer service. Would recommend.
    The delivery time was really quick and customer service are fantastic and the goggles are so good I can read while I am teaching classes
    I found this website online when looking for a prescription snorkelling mask. I emailed my script and advised I had a narrow face, and was advised the most suitable mask. The price was significantly less than my optometrist had advised when I enquired to purchase one.I also got a pair of prescription swimming goggles to replace a pair. Again the price was good and I was able to buy different pairs knowing returns would be accepted for a full refund.Amazing service. Have recommended to others.The mask worked well. Fogged up a bit, but with some spray it was prefectly functional. Being able to actually see the reef when snorkelling made my holiday immensely enjoyable.
    Good value prescription mask, and they processed and posted the order VERY quickly. Very happy.
    Presceiption Snorkel Goggles: Delivered just as expected. I left it late to order and speedy delivery arrived in time for my holiday. Much appreciated and meant I could truly enjoy snorkeling!
    Excellent service & products. Highly recommend.
    Great selection, they do custom perception and best of all, fantastic customer support
    One of the few left businesses whose main goal is not just for profits but also to contribute added value to the society by providing customers 100% satisfaction on their swim products.I am a repeat customer for quite some time but never posts reviews as I rarely do spend time on these things. But Bob - Director of SwimFun truly deserves such recognition with his integrity!I am at awe how good of a business he has but more so how good of a human he is!He has shipped to me 4 extra goggles on two occasions to try on on top of what I originally bought for, at no cost just to ensure I am 100% satisfied due to my grade of -4.75 nearsighted. No other business does that as far as I know!The goggles are of supreme quality and far better quality than the “branded” ones. Trust me, I shop a lot!I cannot ask for anything more with SwimFun’s / Bob’s distinguished customer service and sincerity to make me a happy and repeat customer. I already recommended gis website and products to my friends for their kids to try your prescription goggles.God bless you, Bob for your kind heart and more power to your business!
    Prescription Swimming Goggles

    Need help with the purchase?

    Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you, providing personalized advice to ensure that the goggles you select not only meet your prescription requirements but also offer the comfort and clarity you deserve in the water.

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    Our blog content emphasizes the significance of swimming goggles, offering expert advice and insights. The articles cover various topics, including tips for swimmers, the importance of a proper fit for goggles to ensure a watertight seal, and the benefits of prescription swimming goggles.
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